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About the CCLM:

Canada faces several conservation and land management challenges such as maintaining biodiversity, conserving species at risk, mitigating and adapting to climate change, minimizing and reclaiming industrial disturbances, and ensuring long term supplies of clean water. Addressing these challenges requires effective collaboration and communication among diverse stakeholder groups. However, these groups are spread across the country and have different but overlapping interests and objectives. The ability of stakeholders to locate and access relevant information represents a significant barrier to adopting and implementing policies and practices that support our collective conservation and land management goals.

In response to this barrier, five organizations across Canada are working together to develop an online national knowledge portal where information is centralized and easily accessible.

The purpose of the Canadian Conservation and Land Management Knowledge Network (CCLM) is to create a forum for sharing information and lessons learned about conservation, wetland best practices, land restoration and land reclamation.

The main objectives of the CCLM are to:

  • Share the costs of development and leverage the learning/scoping done to date by the partner organizations.
  • Achieve the critical mass audience required to be effective.
  • Incentivize sharing by connecting knowledge contributors with all key partners in the natural resource management and conservation fields in Canada.


How it works:

The CCLM Knowledge Portal currently consists of one main portal divided into three subportals: 1) Boreal Caribou, 2) Wetland Knowledge and 3) Land Management. The main portal, accessed via the CCLM home page, showcases material specific to the CCLM and shares highlights from each the subportals. You can search the entire site from the main portal or navigate to one of the subportals for resources and materials specific to that area. Additional filters are available to further narrow your search.

The site provides a diverse range of content, including academic journal articles, projects, reports, fact sheets, newsletters, videos, an interactive map and more.

Portal structure diagram
The CCLM Knowledge portal consists of one main portal and three subportals.


CCLM Collaborators:

The CCLM is a collaboration between Ducks Unlimited Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada Science and Technology Branch, InnoTech Alberta, the National Boreal Caribou Knowledge Consortium, Natural Resources Canada – Canadian Forest Service, and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology - Centre for Boreal Research. We believe that by working together we will create a knowledge sharing portal that is highly valued by end users. The information our users access from the portal will help achieve a number of conservation goals in Canada. 

Additional organizations and portals may be added to the knowledge network in the future.

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