BERDI - Biophysical, Socio-Economic, and Regional Data and Information Launched

BERDI logo

The Canada Energy Regulator recently launched a new search tool that provides easier access to regulatory data on Canada’s land and water, weather and wildlife, species at risk, environmental protection, public safety, and more. 

The “BERDI” (Biophysical, Socio-Economic, and Regional Data and Information) search tool allows users to more easily search data from environmental and socio-economic assessments submitted to the CER as part of 40 pipeline applications since 2003, including more than 14,000 tables, 1,800 figures and 4,000 maps.

The site may be found here.
While environmental and socio-economic assessments submitted to the CER as part of pipeline applications are readily available in the REGDOCS area of the CER website, the new BERDI tool allows users to apply keywords and filters to define their search, view results and download the data. 
BERDI makes the depth and breadth of data that supports the CER’s regulatory decisions available to the people we serve. It can level the playing field, making it easier for people to participate in the CER’s regulatory process by providing better access to helpful information, informing the dialogue on climate change and leading to better decisions in the future.
The CER anticipates the new tool will be of interest to a wide variety of regulated companies, Indigenous peoples, stakeholders, educators, scientists and the general public to study long-term effects on people and the environment.
As part of continuously improving our regulatory processes, BERDI is accessible from REGDOCS and the CER’s Participant Portal and will be linked to pipeline project pages going forward.