Webinar - Advancing Biodiversity Outcomes: Unveiling The Global Biodiversity Standard Manual for Assessment and Best Practices



Event Date and Time
July 22nd, 2024 at 8:00am MST to July 22nd, 2024 at 10:00am MST

This event coincides with the release of our highly anticipated manual, "The Global Biodiversity Standard: Manual for Assessment and Best Practices," available from 18th June.

The webinar will explore the unique features and advantages of TGBS, a site-based certification methodology designed to assess the impacts of tree planting, restoration, and sustainable agricultural initiatives on biodiversity. TGBS stands apart by focusing on comprehensive biodiversity assessments, incorporating both ecosystem integrity and social benefits. Key discussions will include the innovative use of field surveys, the practical application of the ecosystem integrity and social benefits wheel, and the development of a novel protection system.

Participants will gain insights into how TGBS uses remote-sensing and ground surveys conducted by ‘TGBS hubs’ in Brazil, China, India, Jordan, Kenya, Madagascar, Malaysia, Peru, and Uganda, located in well-established biodiversity and ecological restoration organisations. The webinar will also showcase the assessment of management practices in line with the UN Decade Standards of Practice to guide ecosystem restoration and the Restoration Project Information Sharing Framework.

Our expert panel will provide an in-depth overview of the manual, demonstrating how the assessment methodology works and how sites will score against the standard’s eight criteria. The webinar aims to equip conservationists, ecologists, and environmental managers with the knowledge and tools needed to implement these best practices and achieve certification under TGBS. Register now to join us in advancing standards to protect, enhance, and restore biodiversity.