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Canada works hard to manage our rich natural resource base as sustainably as possible. However, a certain level of disturbance is unavoidable in order to access most of Canada's natural resources. With careful planning and application of best practices, disturbances can be limited and better reclamation outcomes can be achieved.

The LMKP provides resources for those that focus on reclamation and restoration of these disturbed sites. Available resources are based on scientific evidence, and include best management practices, guidebooks, restoration strategies and other relevant information and tools.

The LMKP is a centralized online location for land management related resources. By facilitating the exchange of knowledge through this one stop destination, together we are building a community of practice equipped with the tools and information to improve outcomes for restoring disturbed sites and increase natural resource management sustainability.

Contribute to the Land Management Knowledge Portal by using and rating resources, submitting resources, news, and events, supporting the Canadian Conservation Land Management Knowledge Portal, or contacting us to learn more. The LMKP was developed for land management practitioners by land management practitioners to ensure we continue to meet your wetland resources needs.

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The LMKP is a part of the Canadian Conservation Land Management Knowledge Portal and is facilitated by InnoTech Alberta, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Centre for Boreal Research and Natural Resources Canada.