2021 Virtual AGM & Conference: Looking Forward

Alberta Chapter CLRA 2021 Annual Conference

Business, as usual, is no longer usual. Challenge and change, however, also creates opportunities for innovation and reinvention of how we work and live. We have re-evaluated everything we do and continue to adapt to ever-changing conditions. While we face new challenges none of us could have anticipated, we continue to look and strive forward.

More info at: https://clra.member365.com/public/event/details/f2bea45c7770f12ed2b647483f30fae331b59ee3/1

  • How have our organizations and teams learned new ways to achieve our goals?
  • How are we being agile in our changing regulatory and political climates with reclamation in Alberta? Are our efforts in reclamation being communicated to educate the public?
  • What initiatives have been launched to improve our reclamation and remediation practices in our province? 
  • What tools or innovative use of tools have contributed to our ability to move forward? 
  • How have we reinvented our approach to reduce liabilities while being safe, economical, and efficient?