B.C. Plants its 10-billionth Tree

BC plants 10 billionth tree

B.C. is celebrating the 10-billionth tree planted since reforestation programs began in 1930, with two billion of those trees planted in the past seven years.

Last year, 305 million seedlings were planted in B.C. forests. One of these seedlings was the 10-billionth planted since work began almost a century ago. In honour of this milestone, Ralston planted a ceremonial tree in Surrey’s Green Timbers Urban Forest Park. The park, dubbed the “birthplace of reforestation,” is home to the Province’s first reforestation efforts in 1930.

Forest tenure holders have been legally required to undertake reforestation efforts since 1987. In 2024, 235 million of the 290 million seedlings expected to be planted will be done through forestry companies, with an additional five million planted by First Nations.

In addition to legislated reforestation efforts, the Province will plant an additional 50 million trees this year through several provincial and federal programs. These initiatives focus reforestation efforts on areas that have been adversely affected by natural disturbances, such as mountain pine beetle infestations and wildfire.

See the BC government News Release for more information.