Making WildTrax: It’s (Not) a Kind of Magic – Behind the Screen

WildTrax bat

WildTrax is one major piece of software – your one-stop online platform for managing, storing, processing, sharing and discovering biological and environmental sensor data.  In other words, WildTrax is a repository for data from autonomous recording units (ARUs), remote cameras, and other wildlife surveying methods from across Canada.  In fact, WildTrax currently hosts over 66 million photos and 620,000 audio files for assessment of species present, and other phenomena (e.g., snow cover, noise, etc.).  WildTrax has been up and running for over four years, and during this time it has evolved a great deal.  Now, with its most recent update, WildTrax does even more, namely vastly improved detection of animals, people, and vehicles in camera trap images.

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