Seeking feedback on challenges and opportunities related to salt-affected sites in Alberta

Salt-Affected Sites in Alberta:  Understanding Challenges

InnoTech Alberta is scoping an applied research program to address challenges related to the reclamation and remediation of salt-affected sites in Alberta. InnoTech has a long history of supporting Alberta’s market sectors with research, development, and technology innovation to address complex environmental issues. 

Preliminary consultation with industry and practitioners indicates that there are numerous challenges associated with salt-affected sites, including difficulty in revegetating naturally saline soils, challenges in remediating anthropogenic salinity to background values, and difficulty in navigating regulatory processes, such as the development of site-specific guidelines. Salt-affected sites are often a liability for industry if they become stalled through environmental management processes and/or require costly assessment and remediation activities. Sustainability, often associated with the disposal of impacted soil, is also a concern in the management of these sites. Industry and practitioners have indicated that they are interested in solutions that start to ‘move the needle’ on salt-affected sites. 

We are seeking input from industry, regulators, and practitioners to understand: (1) the key challenges and priorities related to salt-affected sites, and (2) potential solutions and validation required to enable broader use.

If you have experience managing salt-affected sites, please fill out the 5 min survey HERE by October 7, 2022.  Responses will be amalgamated and will not be attributed to specific organizations or individuals. Please direct any questions to: