ABMI Releases the Wetland Atlas of Alberta

ABMI Wetland Atlas

The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Network (ABMI) has released an online report titled the Wetland Atlas of Alberta; which, for the first time, pulls together publicly accessible information on Alberta's wetlands in an interactive, accessible format.

The content of the online report includes inventories of wetland habitat developed by the ABMI and data collected by the ABMI over the past decade on wetland species. Some highlights include:

  • Interactive maps for the current distribution of wetlands in the forested, prairie, and mountain regions of Alberta, including information on the area covered by different wetland types.
  • The first release of ABMI’s data related to aquatic invertebrates in the six natural regions of Alberta.
  • Percent human footprint cover within wetland monitoring site catchments for each natural region by footprint type.
  • Biodiversity information, including occurrence information for eight amphibian species in Alberta, and model results (their distribution, seasonality of breeding, and habitat associations) for four species.
  • An overview of a pilot project evaluating the use of eDNA to detect amphibian species in wetlands.