About the Wetland Knowledge Portal

Wetland complex

Healthy and resilient wetlands provide important ecosystem services and are critical to the sustainability of Canada’s watersheds. The Wetland Knowledge Portal (WKP) connects environmental practitioners, governments, Indigenous communities, industry stakeholders, researchers, local communities, and conservation organizations to the resources they need to manage, conserve, and restore wetlands.

The WKP is a centralized online location for wetland related resources featuring a state-of-the-art search engine to make finding relevant resources a smooth process. By facilitating wetland knowledge exchange through this one-stop destination, together we are building a community of practice equipped with the tools and information to improve outcomes for wetlands - whatever the goal may be.

Contribute to the Wetland Knowledge Portal by using and rating resources, submitting resources, news, and events, subscribing to the Wetland Knowledge Exchange, supporting the Canadian Conservation Land Management Knowledge Portal, or contacting us to learn more. The WKP was developed for wetland practitioners by wetland practitioners and your input helps ensure we continue to meet your wetland resources needs.

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The WKP is a part of the Canadian Conservation Land Management Knowledge Portal and is facilitated by Ducks Unlimited Canada's National Boreal Program and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Centre for Boreal Research.