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The Wetland Knowledge Exchange is the official newsletter, webinar series, and social media account of the CCLM Wetland Knowledge Portal (WKP). The Wetland Knowledge Exchange aims to amplify the voice of the WKP to help increase information sharing and foster collaboration amongst diverse stakeholders interested in wetland management, conservation and reclamation. Learn about new Canadian wetland research, news, and events by subscribing to our monthly newsletter, tuning in to our monthly webinar series (or view recordings of past webinars), and following us on Twitter @WetlandExchange.


The Wetland Best Management Practices (BMP) Knowledge Exchange was launched in July 2016 as an outcome of a Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) hosted workshop held in January 2016.  The workshop focused on collaborative approaches to developing, testing, and implementing wetland planning and operating BMPs and approaches to sharing wetland BMP information.

Workshop participants from diverse sectors were looking for ways to connect with a coordinated network of contacts interested in working together to develop, implement, evaluate and share information about potential wetland BMPs.  Establishing this sort of network would take time, thought and a step-wise approach. The first step was launching the Wetland BMP Knowledge Exchange monthly newsletter in 2016, followed by a monthly webinar series in 2017, and Twitter account in 2019. Since starting, we have produced over 40 newsletters, hosted over 25 webinars, and grown a subscriber list representing a diversity of sectors from across Canada.   

The Canadian Conservation and Land Management (CCLM) Knowledge Portal was launched in 2020 to create a forum for sharing information and lessons learned relating to boreal caribou conservation, land management, and wetlands. The development of this portal represents another important step towards creating the type of coordinated network our 2016 workshop participants envisioned. In bringing the Wetland BMP Knowledge Exchange (newsletter, webinar, Twitter) under the umbrella of the CCLM Wetland Knowledge Portal we have both an online, searchable database to catalogue relevant resources, contacts, projects, and more as well as the communication tools and established network needed to share this information.

With this transition, we are shifting the focus of the Wetland Best Management Practices Knowledge Exchange to broaden the scope beyond wetland best management practices and focus on all things wetlands.  You’ll see we’ve tweaked our name to reflect this.

Welcome to the new Wetland Knowledge Exchange, the official voice of the CCLM Wetland Knowledge Portal.


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