The Water Brothers

The water brothers

The Water Brothers, a Canadian, eco-adventure TV series is exploring our vital connection with water and examining the wetlands of Ontario.

The Breathing Lands | Water Brothers | Full Episode | TVO Original

The Breathing Lands highlights the peatlands of northern Ontario, emphasizing their vital roles in carbon storage and biodiversity while also acknowledging the threats posed to them by climate change and resource extraction. The episode showcases the work of several experts including Dr. Mike Waddington and Dr. Brian Branfireun who are researching the impact climate change will have on peatland fire behavior and peat carbon stocks. It also displays the work of Dr. Sarah Finkelstein, John Turner, and The Moose Cree First Nation who are working to map the carbon stocks and develop an Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area in the North French River watershed.  

Paving Over Paradise | Water Brothers | Full Episode | TVO Original

Paving over Paradise shifts the focus to Ontario's south and explores challenges around habitat loss due to increasing human development and invasive species. McMaster University researchers identify crucial Blanding turtle habitat, while Dr. Rebecca Rooney and Dr. Janice Gilbert combat phragmites, a highly invasive wetland plant. Organizations like ALUS and Ducks Unlimited Canada work to restore lost wetlands by compensating landowners for ecosystem services.