Alberta Watercourse Crossing Collaborative Fall 2021 Webinar Series

Wendy Harrison
Nick Mazany-Wright
Mike Hunka
Angela Bowditch
Brandon Allen
Bruce Nielsen
Matthew Pyper
Raymond Jolicoeur
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The Alberta Watercourse Crossing Collaborative held a Fall 2021 Webinar Series to fulfill its objectives around information transfer, education and training.  Webinars included:

  1. Alberta Watercourse Crossing Program and Management Directive, Status and Update with Wendy Harrison, Alberta Environment and Parks
  2. Project: Canadian Aquatic Barriers Database with Nick Mazany-Wright, Canadian Wildlife Federation
  3. WCC Regulatory and Permitting with Mike Hunka, Alberta Environment and Parks
  4. Road Design and Sedimentation Risk with Michael Wagner, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  5. Alberta Energy Regulator Water and Fisheries Compliance Program with Angela Bowditch, Alberta Energy Regulator
  6. Lotic Connectivity Model Update with Brandon Allen, ABMI
  7. New Provincial Roadway Watercourse Crossing Guidebook, Bruce Nielsen and Matthew Pyper, AWC3
  8. New Fisheries Act and ASAR with Raymond Jolicoeur, Department of Fisheries and Oceans
  9. Fall 2021 online Technical Seminar, AWC3