Ecologically Suitable Species Guideline VERSION 1.1

BC Energy Regulator
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The Ecological Suitable Species Guideline (ESSG) is a guideline for reclamation practitioners to consider when evaluating reclamation options to apply within a specific restoration area, supporting site preparation and revegetation techniques that support a minimum threshold of established ecologically suitable species. The  guideline clarifies the British Columbia Energy Regulator’s (Regulator) minimum expectations around achieving short term reclamation objectives (e.g., performance metrics) intended to relate to longer term ecological restoration outcomes.
In summary, the objectives of the ESSG are to:

  • Promote reclamation practices that support the establishment of ecologically suitable species and appropriate ecological trajectories being achieved.
  • Develop clear, short-term (two+ years) reclamation objectives (performance metrics) that increase the likelihood of achieving longer-term (15+ years) ecological objectives.
  • Provide clarity for assessing and reporting performance metrics for site closure to comply with the intent of EPMR 19 in the context of COR Part 2 applications on Crown forested land.
  • Provide strategic level engagement avenues to support the integration of Indigenous Knowledge and continuous practice improvements into this guideline.