Environmental Concerns in Right-Of-Way Management 11th International Symposium Proceedings

Jean Doucet
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The proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Environmental Concerns in Right-of-Way Management (ROW11) provide industry leaders tasked with the construction and management of linear rights-of-way a very comprehensive collection of papers devoted to the review of environmental regulations and pespectives on cost-effective management of natural systems. Additional areas of study include; cultural mitigation, stakeholder management and the development of support tools and technology. The papers presented in these proceedings follow the world-class trend found in the ROW Symposia Series One through Ten. Since 1976, the symposia and their proceedings have focused on issues of right-of-way linear development with an overall theme of environmental stewardship. It is planned by those seeking a leading edge in best management practices. In essence, the papers presented in these proceedings represent both current state of the industry and a perspective of its future. They reflect the results of what leadings organizations are doing around the world.