Measuring Success in Land Reclamation – A Joint Government and Industry Workshop

Land Conservation and Reclamation Council
Alberta Chapter, Canadian Land Reclamation Association
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The question we are faced with today is: How do we establish a system or systems for measuring success in reclamation? That is a challenge that has been going on for quite sometime for all of us, in one way or another. We have tried to apply some useful process and have either failed in part, or we have succeeded in part.  But, we have never really all got together and talked about it and directed our attention to finally getting a system that we are comfortable with, we know that will work, and, at the same time, gives us a sure footing for all the work we do from the planning right through to the certification of our reclaimed land.

I am aware of the concern amongst some people that the disposition (inclination) to discuss 'capability' might infer there is a change in reclamation standards. I would like to give you as much assurance as I can that this is not the case. We don't see, and I certainly do not see, that there is any inferred change whatsoever in our standards because of discussing capability. I don't see any change at all, from yesterday to today, to tomorrow, along that line. So, I would like to give you that assurance and hopefully, by keeping that in mind, you will feel comfortable discussing 'capability' and 'productivity'.

I would take the point of view, and hopefully it would be right, that the discussion of 'capability' is simply the discussion on the method of how we are to measure whether or not we have reached that standard. Once again, we are not talking about the standard itself but the measurement of whether the standard has been achieved at the end of the day and, at that point, whether the certification can be given and the security refunded to the company.