A Policy for the Stewardship of Yukon’s Wetlands

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Government of Yukon
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There is a need to define a common approach to wetland stewardship in the Yukon. The Policy for the stewardship of Yukon’s wetlands (“the policy”) represents the Government of Yukon’s approach to wetland stewardship within the current regulatory framework providing a workable solution for wetland stewardship that reflects the many different perspectives of Yukoners. The stewardship of wetlands in the Yukon is undertaken across many Government of Yukon departments as well as with many of our land management partners. It is an effort that relies on, and works within, a variety of existing legislative tools, treaties and land claim agreements. Appendix A provides a summary of implementation actions necessary for this policy. A complete list of legislation implicated by wetland stewardship decisions is provided in Appendix B. The Government of Yukon developed this policy through an inclusive process with Indigenous governments and groups, boards and councils, municipal and federal governments, industry representatives and non-governmental organizations. See Appendix C for more information on the development of this policy.