The Use of Chemox® to Overcome the Challenges of PHC Contaminated Soil and Groundwater at Remote Sites

Jevins Waddell
Carl Davison
B.J. Min
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A major theme for working in northern remote sites is overcoming logistical and technical challenges related to short season and limited access to remediate petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soil and groundwater.  Chemical oxidation remediation approaches (Chem0x®⁶) can provide solutions to the unique challenges posed by these remote sites and allow expedited remediation within limited field seasons, often with less intrusive work activities common to other traditional remediation methods.
Successful chemical oxidation remediation integrates a strong understanding of oxidant chemistry and field application experience, whether using in-situ (IS0TEC®⁷) or ex-situ (EXC0®⁸) approaches.  The use of hydrogen peroxide based oxidants has been widely accepted for expedited reactions with petroleum hydrocarbon  contaminated  mediums.  However,  historically,  misperceptions  and  unreasonable expectations have often been applied to the design of these programs.  By combining a strong application approach, unique transportation and logistics solutions, such as air transport, and working within a le and realizable objective, chemical oxidation is well suited to handle the uncommon challenges of remote programs.