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Forest Management and Wetland Stewardship Initiative

The FMWSI is a partnership between Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC), Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc., Canfor, the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), Millar Western Forest Products Ltd., Tolko Industries Ltd., West Fraser, and Weyerhaeuser Company to advance wetland stewardship in the boreal forest through sustainable forest management.

Under the FMWSI, partners identify projects of potential interest and then select, by consensus, projects to focus on. The end goal of each project is to develop tools that forest practitioners can use when working in and around wetlands.

The objectives of these projects are to:

  1. Advance sustainable forest management,
  2. Establish guiding principles and best management practices to conserve wetlands and waterfowl in forest management planning and operations, and
  3. Complement provincial forest management planning requirements and the needs of forest certification programs.

So far, partners have completed three projects of mutual interest during their first three-year term. On September 23rd, 2019 the FMWSI celebrated the successes of this term and announced the extension of their partnership to 2022. Partners are currently discussing projects to be developed during the second term (2020-2022), which will build on the success of the first, with a greater focus on knowledge transfer.