Anna Dabros

Anna Dabros

Position Title:
Research Scientist
Workplace Address:

Ottawa ON K1A 0E4

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Area of Expertise

Plant Ecology, forest ecology, disturbance ecology, boreal forests, boreal peatlands

Languages spoken

English, French


I am forest ecologist with the Canadian Forest Service (Department of Natural Resources Canada), and I am currently researching the application of ecological aspects (with a special focus on plants and biodiversity) in the reclamation and restoration, as well as mitigation of the oil and gas industry disturbances in boreal ecosystems. My other areas of research and interest include forest management and ecology in the context of climate change. I obtained my B.Sc. in Conservation Biology and Management from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and my M.Sc. and Ph.D. in plant ecology from McGill University in Montreal.

Current Research Areas and Projects

  • Plant responses to oil and gas disturbances: the effects of seismic lines on boreal forest and peatland vegetation, northern Alberta.
  • The use of plant functional traits in the assessment of linear disturbances on plant communities.
  • Assessment of environmental impacts of linear disturbances and mining development in the Ring of Fire region, in Hudson Bay Lowlands, northern Ontario.
  • Application Ecological Management Emulating Natural Disturbance (EMEND) to oil industry operations: in situ reclamation and future mitigation of footprint.

Previous Research Areas

  • The effects of climate change on regeneration of trembling aspen and black spruce at post-disturbance sites in the transitional mixedwood-boreal forest.
  • Ecological and phylogenetic aspects affecting distribution of different sedge species in subarctic fens.
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Seismic line in peatlands of northern Alberta
Seismic line in peatlands of northern Alberta