Your Forest Podcast - All About Ducks Unlimited Canada's National Boreal Program


The host of Your Forest Podcast Matthew Kristoff, invited Ducks Unlimited Canada’s National Boreal Program on January 13, 2020 in Edmonton to discuss everything there is to know about wetlands, the boreal forest, and our program. Kevin Smith, manager of the National Boreal Program and Michael Merchant, remote sensing specialist were the two individuals representing the program that appeared on the podcast.

There, in a cozy room with a space heater contrasting nicely with the days low of -28˚C, a 90 min episode was recorded on everything you need to know from the early conception of DUC, to why the National Boreal Program exists, partners in conservation, how to tackle modern-day challenges threatening wetlands and much more. Currently the most comprehensive resource out there that tells you everything our program stands for, in 90 minutes. Now get bogged down and find out why DUC is a leader in wetland conservation.