2023 Blueprint for Forest Carbon Science in Canada.

C. Smyth
J.M. Metsaranta
M. Fortin
Sophie Le Noble
H. MacDonald
J. Wolfe
C. Boisvenue
J. Laganiere
Jodie Krakowski
X. Zhu
D. Paré
Piotr Tompalski
E.J.S. Emilson
K. Webster
Monique Dosanjh
L. Venier
J. Edwards
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Forests and wood products are an important part of Canada’s climate change policy measures and commitments. Understanding the contribution of the forest sector to the carbon cycle is important and involves various disciplines, multiple scales, and multiple jurisdictions. There has been substantial scientific progress on forest carbon in the last 10 years that has contributed immensely to policy, but more work is needed, and policy needs are changing. This Blueprint outlines the forest carbon science priorities needed to support policy over the next decade. The science priorities were developed in collaboration with the forest carbon science and policy communities across Canada (governments, universities, environmental groups, and industry associations). The Blueprint is designed to help funding organizations and the Canadian forest carbon science and policy community focus their resources and align their efforts.