Boreal Caribou Habitat Restoration

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Golder Associates
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This overview document collects knowledge and research on restoring degraded habitat for boreal ecotype woodland caribou. The objectives for this document are outlines below.

  • Provide an overview of the impacts to caribou habitat from oil and gas activity typical to northeastern British Columbia. Summarize the possible implications to boreal caribou populations from those impacts.

  • Identify and describe what work has been completed, or is ongoing, to test some of the conceptual methods for boreal caribou habitat restoration. This will help identify what research or operations trials may need to be conducted in British Columbia to fill in gaps and avoid duplication of this effort.

  • Using the work that has been completed in Alberta to date, recommend possible restoration measures for NE BC to reduce impacts on boreal caribou, indicating which ones have some performance and which as “conceptual” and would need validation or testing.