Boreal Wetlands and Waterfowl: A Commitment to Stewardship Activities in Manitoba

Ducks Unlimited Canada
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Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) initiated the Western Boreal Program in 1997 with an understanding that working with forward thinking forest industry partners was key to advancing wetland conservation in the boreal forest. LP Building Solutions (LP) started operating in Manitoba in 1996 and brought with it a new perspective on forest management that recognized the need to sustain broader ecosystem values. It was therefore logical that LP and DUC recognized the benefits of collaborating on projects to advance joint goals and objectives. Initiated in the early 2000s, this long-standing partnership resulted in numerous wetland and waterfowl conservation projects and research initiatives.

The outcomes of these joint projects led to the development of planning and operating practices that LP uses to conserve wetland and waterfowl habitat across the Swan Valley wood supply area in Manitoba known as Forest Management License Area #3 (FML#3).

These stewardship accomplishments also assist LP achieve their broader corporate sustainability goals, address government policy and legislation, and strengthen alignment with key forest certification objectives.

This document summarizes joint projects undertaken by LP and DUC to advance knowledge of boreal wetlands and waterfowl and to integrate that knowledge into best management practices (BMPs) that enhance on-the-ground sustainable forest management activities. In addition, this report documents LP’s ongoing commitment to boreal wetland conservation and their focus on continuous improvement.

More detailed information is provided in a companion document titled Boreal Wetlands and Waterfowl, a Commitment to Stewardship Activities in Manitoba – Comprehensive Review.