Historical Resources Impact Assessment, Western Portion of Syncrude Lease No. 17, Alberta

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E.J. McCullough
Brian Reeves
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An Historical Resources Impact Assessment was undertaken of Syncrude Canada Ltd.'s Lease No. 17 in the area between the Beaver and MacKay Rivers. This assessment was designed to locate and assess prehistoric and historic sites which might be present. Three prehistoric sites were recorded, each consisting of a single artifact found exposed on slopes along the high banks of the MacKay River. These finds represent artifacts lost or discarded by peoples hunting or travelling through the area. They are of no further value or concern. One historic site, a trapper's cabin, was recorded. It is situated in the wetlands and is of no further value or concern. Reconnaissance of the extensive wetlands between the Beaver and MacKay Rivers did not locate any prehistoric sites, reflecting the low productivity of the area for prehistoric man. These environmental limitations are also reflected in the extremely limited finds located along the MacKay River.