Peatlands and Carbon Video Series

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Jessie Lavallee-Whiffen
Kristyn Mayner
Chantelle Abma
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Video series from Ducks Unlimited Canada, discussing the fascinating and ecologically important dynamics of carbon in Canada’s peatlands, and our role in maintaining these crucial ecotypes.

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Part 1 discusses what peatlands are, how they differ from other types of wetlands, and the many types of ecosystem services they both provide. We also learn about the structure and appearance of peatlands in Canada, where they can be found, and why they are uniquely important to the global carbon cycle. 

In Part 2 we look more in depth into how carbon cycles through natural systems, how Canada’s peatlands have been able to accumulate their massive stores of carbon, and how different ecological disturbances can cause them to transition into carbon sources.

Part 3 focuses on methane and its functional differences from carbon dioxide, how they effect climate change differently, and the potential impacts of increased methane emissions in northern peatlands.

 Part 4 concludes the series by discussing the different forms of natural and human-caused disturbances to peatlands, how they are impacting carbon uptake and storage, and why it is deeply important that these ecosystems are managed and conserved to ensure global climate resiliency.