Proceedings: Workshop on Reconstruction of Forest Soils in Reclamation

Paul Ziemkiewicz
Sam Takyi
Henry Regier
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Over the past ten years, soil reconstruction in the reclamation of agricultural lands has received increasing attention, particularly in the Plains Coal Region of Canada and the United States. Despite this considerable level of research activity, some time remains before we will know how to reclaim agricultural land with maximum efficiency. In comparison, reclamation of Western Canadian forest lands and restoration of commercial forestry potential are in the earliest stages of study. While some research results have been published many studies have yielded only tentative results thus far. Also, knowledge derived from operational-scale soil reconstruction programs is often of an intuitive nature and not available in the literature. Finally, we felt that the fields of forestry and soil science could contribute to our understanding of the problem. The workshop format was chosen as a means of focussing the attentions of individuals with a wide range of expertise on the specific problem of reconstructing forest soils in reclamation