Restoration Innovation Roadmap Phase 2

Fuse Consulting Ltd
Swamp Donkey
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Restoration Innovation Roadmap Phase 2: A summary of opportunities to advance innovation for linear restoration within woodland caribou habitat

Restoration of woodland caribou habitat has received considerable attention over the last several years, with particular investment in effective restoration of seismic lines and linear disturbances. To help guide the identification of innovation opportunities for linear restoration, a series of organizations (Regional Industry Caribou Collaboration, Fuse Consulting Ltd, Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance, Alberta Innovates - Clean Energy) came together to fund a two-phase Restoration Innovation Roadmap.

The second phase, contained within this report, focuses on identifying a series of new and emerging technologies and techniques with the potential to significantly increase the efficiency of restoration treatments while maintaining or improving ecological effectiveness. These technologies and techniques are meant to provide a first look at innovations that could solve key challenges in linear restoration. The innovations range from concrete technologies that could be applied immediately to forward-looking innovations which require time for development, with both types providing opportunity to transform how restoration programs are delivered.

For information on the first phase of this report, which focuses on identifying key learnings to date to facilitate adaptive management processes for woodland caribou habitat restoration, refer to Restoration Innovation Roadmap Phase 1.