Webinar - Slow Forestry: Moving Toward the Sustainable Development of Manitoba's Peatlands

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With the proliferation of GIS and machine learning technologies, a greater understanding of Manitoba’s natural resources is possible. Manitoba has nearly 21 million hectares of peatlands, and by applying sustainable forestry management principles, sustainable peatlands management can be achieved. In order to responsibly manage Manitoba’s peatlands, an inventory is needed: after all, you can’t manage what you don’t measure, and Manitoba’s peatlands inventory has greatly improved since the Peatlands Stewardship Act was passed in 2015. Knowing where peatlands are is a start, but peat depth, peat age, and carbon content are also important factors for responsible and sustainable management. By determining the growth rates of Manitoba’s peatlands, estimates – akin to forestry’s Annual Allowable Cut concept – can be applied.

In this presentation, Lee Fedorchuk will provide a review of Forestry and Peatlands Branch’s Peat Program, including the history and expansion of the peat harvesting industry, the Peatlands Stewardship Act, the Boreal Wetlands Conservation Codes of Practice, and the sustainable development of Manitoba’s peatlands.

Lee Fedorchuk graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2007. He currently leads the Peatlands Program for the Department of Natural Resources and Northern Development’s Forestry & Peatlands Branch, where he manages Manitoba’s peat resources and regulates the peat harvesting industry. He is involved in numerous provincial working groups, and has experience in photointerpretation, monitoring using remote sensing techniques, and field data collection.

This webinar is free of charge and log in information will be provided on your ticket via email following registration. If you are unable to attend this day, please note the webinars are recorded and will be available for viewing shortly after the webinar concludes at https://vimeo.com/wetlandbmpexchange