Webinar - Tools in the Knowledge Exchange Toolbox: Separating Distractions from Impact


With tools like Twitter, Facebook, and Virtual Reality, staying on top of the latest trends in knowledge exchange can seem overwhelming for both users and content producers alike. While the media environment for knowledge exchange is rapidly changing, several core foundations remain unchanged: the importance of concise and relevant information; the critical role that knowledge mobilizers play within organizations; and the value of drawing on the emotional connection people have to topics that matter to them.

Drawing on these foundations, this talk will explore three examples of modern knowledge exchange tools that have the potential to shape the way people engage with science and applications. The first example will look at the Lessons From Nature website and its use of brief videos and a unique user interface to engage diverse groups in a conversation about forest management. The emerging trend of infographics will then be explored with a look at why this visual media is gaining in popularity. Last, the use of virtual reality will be discussed with an eye to future opportunities in knowledge exchange. The presentation will wrap-up with key implications for knowledge exchange in wetland conservation and opportunities to help separate distractions from impact.