Wetland Best Management Practices Workshop Proceedings

Bev Gingras
Jules Lebeouf
Kylie McLeod
Leanne Mingo
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These proceedings describe the findings of the Wetland Best Management Practices (BMPs) Workshop held on January 20th & 21st 2016 in Edmonton, Alberta hosted by Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC). Over 100 participants from various industries, governments, consulting companies and not-for-profit organizations listened to presentations and engaged in discussions about planning and operating practices that could be adopted to effectively manage Canadian boreal forest wetlands. The purpose of this workshop was to 1) promote the sharing of information about effective planning and operating BMPs for working in and around boreal wetlands, and 2) identify user preferences to help guide the creation of boreal wetland BMP Information Management and Exchange System (IMES) to promote the sharing of information among stakeholders. The focus of this report is on the discussions held during the workshop relating to wetland BMP information participant needs. As a practitioner or like-minded organization, we invite the reader to take note of the key findings and next steps with respect to developing and implementing wetland BMPs for the boreal forest and exploring the development of an IMES for wetland BMP information.