Wetland Plants of British Columbia: Field Guide to Indicator Species for Wetland Classification

Jamie Fenneman
Ryan Durand
Alice Lee
Resource Date:

The Wetland Plants of British Columbia is an introduction to the common indicator wetlands species that are used to classify ecosystems using the provincial Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification System. It is intended to be used as a companion guide to the Wetlands of British Columbia: A Guide to Identification, with the organization of this guide generally mirroring that of Wetlands of British Columbia. Species accounts are organized first by wetland class (Bog, Fen, Marsh, Swamp, and Flood Associations), and then grouped by growth form (Trees, Shrubs, Forbs, Graminoids, Ferns, and Allies). As many wetland classes include the same species, each class contains the full list of vascular species as per Wetlands of British Columbia, resulting in numerous duplications of species accounts. This method was chosen to enable a user to go to a single wetland class and find descriptions of each species that are applicable to that particular class.