Wildlife Habitat Reclamation Table

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Ecosites and age classes listed in the table were identified for each species using the document “Regional Habitat Evaluation and Mapping for Key Wildlife Species in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region” (URSUS 2002) provided to AXYS Environmental Consulting Ltd. (AXYS) by CEMA.
For each species, all wildlife habitat units (WHUs) were identified having a habitat suitability rating of high (H) and very high (VH). Information on habitat suitability ratings was found in a table labeled “Habitat Suitability for Evaluation Species” at the back of the URSUS 2002 document. Next, each WHU was looked up in Table 3 of the URSUS 2002 document (i.e., Table 3. Descriptions of Wildlife Habitat Units (WHUs)) and the age class and ecosite phase of the WHU was identified. All information was recorded in the Wildlife Habitat Reclamation Table for the appropriate species.
Other ecosite information identified on the species from other sources provided from CEMA was also recorded in the Wildlife Habitat Reclamation Table