Wildlife Habitat Requirements and Reclamation Techniques for the Mountains and Foothills of Alberta

Jeffrey Green
Richard Salter
David Walker
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The enhancement or creation of wildlife habitat is receiving increased attention as a viable reclamation alternative for disturbed sites as a result of better reclamation technology, increased government and public awareness of the importance of wildlife, the realization of the adaptability of wildlife habitat reclamation to a diverse range of conditions, the potential for reduced reclamation costs and improved aesthetic qualities. There is a need, however, to consolidate information on known methods of reclaiming wildlife habitat and to develop methods of assessing reclamation success for certification. In response to these needs a study of wildlife habitat reclamation in the mountain and foothills biomes was initiated by a joint government-industry study group (MFRRP). This study was to review current information on wildlife habitat in the mountain and foothills biomes, wildlife habitat reclamation techniques, potential problems in wildlife habitat reclamation and potential assessment methodologies. Needs for further research also were to be identified.