Yukon Wetland Field Guide

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Kristyn Mayner
Jessie Lavallee-Whifen
James Kenyon
Jane Bailey
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The Yukon Wetland Field Guide is a comprehensive, visual resource that introduces users to the diverse wetlands of Yukon and their significance to both the landscape and Indigenous communities. This guide provides practical guidance to identify wetlands based on observable characteristics such as vegetation, soil characteristics, land forms and more. Intended for anyone interested in wetland identification or who work in these ecosystems, this guide provides a quick reference tool when in the field. By aiding in the classification of wetlands, it fosters an understanding of their cultural importance, processes, and functions.  

Developed in collaboration with Elders, researchers, and Yukon Government, this plain-language document integrates Traditional Ecological Knowledge, incorporating insights into wetland use, Indigenous Laws and Principles dictating respect for wetlands, and the Indigenous names of plants and animals. By braiding Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge with scientific understanding, the guide aims to educate and foster stewardship among individuals, emphasizing the vital role of wetlands to people and the environment.

Yukon guide contents

The guide is intended for anyone interested in identifying and classifying wetlands in Yukon, from industry and government practitioners to landowners, Indigenous communities and more. With images, illustrations, and diagrams of wetlands and associated wetland plant species, wildlife and species at risk, users will be able to approach wetland classification with ease.

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