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Wetland Atlas of Alberta

The Wetland Atlas describes the distribution of wetlands in Alberta and summarizes human footprint around open water wetlands. Also included are research spotlights on wetland biodiversity including: aquatic invertebrates, wetland-associated mosses, amphibians, and plants. This first edition of the Atlas represents the state of the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute's (ABMI) wetland knowledge to date. We envision future editions will bring wetland data together from various wetland data providers and practitioners.

Potential Spatial Overlap of Heritage Sites and Protected Areas in a Boreal Region of Northern Canada

This project examined the potential overlap between Gwich'in First Nations (Northwest Territories, Canada) heritage sites and areas independently identified for the protection of conventional conservation targets. Researchers designed nine hypothetical protected-area networks with different targets for woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) habitat, high-quality wetland areas, representative vegetation types, water bodies, environmentally significant area, territorial parks, and network aggregation. They compared the spatial overlap of heritage sites to these nine protected-area networks.