Film Screening - HERD: Inuit Voices on Caribou


Alex Trebek Theatre
50 Sussex Drive
Ottawa ON K1M 2K1

Event Date and Time
September 22nd, 2022 at 7:00pm EST to September 22nd, 2022 at 10:00pm EST

Film screening followed by a Q&A session

In the unprecedented collapse of the once massive George River Caribou Herd – and a subsequent total hunting ban – Inuit in Labrador, Canada, were abruptly confronted with a new reality: life without a fundamental source of food, culture, and wellbeing. HERD tells the story of the social, emotional, and cultural disruptions from cascading ecological change through the voices and lived experiences of people deeply connected to the caribou. The film, which was developed over four years of intimate collaboration between the filmmaker and communities, cinematically explores an array of lived experiences, from youth to Elders, hunters to cooks, to ensure the stories of those living on the frontlines of this ecological crisis are HERD. It is a portrait of the deep interconnections that exist between humans and non-humans, a glimpse of heartbreaking loss and pain felt by entire communities, and an unforgettable and lasting testament of cultural endurance, hope, and resilience in the context of ecological uncertainty. Following a screening of the film, director David Borish and co-collaborators will share insights into the making of the film and take questions from the audience.