The Monitoring Working Group (MWG) of the NBCKC

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Established in 2018, the  Monitoring Working Group (MWG), part of the National Boreal Caribou Knowledge Consortium (NBCKC), is a forum to share and generate new knowledge regarding monitoring methods for boreal caribou across Canada. The MWG aims to bring together the best available information to help inform actions by those involved in monitoring programs, by investigating caribou population monitoring priorities, methods, constraints, and best practices.

Our Goals  


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In order to make decisions on how best to conserve and protect caribou, we need to have accurate information on caribou populations. Although this information could be applied more generally if everyone collects the same kind of data in the same way, the variability of caribou habitat across the country makes such standardization difficult. For example, what works for monitoring caribou in the mountains of British Columbia, may not work in the boreal plains of Saskatchewan, the forests of Quebec, or the hills of Labrador. Therefore, for caribou monitoring programs to be successful in the long term, they must consider the array of methods available for Knowing caribou, and follow best practices when applying each of those methods.


The goals of the MWG are: 

  1. To explore the diversity of monitoring priorities and constraints across the boreal range;
  2. To evaluate the variability in methods used to monitor boreal caribou across Canada; and
  3. To recommend ‘best practices’ for applying various boreal caribou monitoring techniques in Canada.
What We Do  

We meet every second month to gather and share information, provide input to NBCKC projects, and advance our own projects.

Currently, we are creating a toolkit to help users select the boreal caribou monitoring methods which may be applied to their program and/or re-evaluate the methods currently being used in their area. The objectives of this toolkit are:

  1. To centralize existing resources relevant to the monitoring of boreal caribou, 
  2. To provide valuable and accessible guidance for anyone engaged in, or planning to initiate, monitoring programs, and 
  3. To identify where knowledge gaps still exist, such that toolkit users may see opportunities to contribute resources to the toolkit. 

Be sure to read more about the Monitoring Working Group's ongoing toolkit project by clicking here.

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MWG Members  

The MWG's membership includes ~50 members representing Federal, Territorial, and Provincial governments, Indigenous organizations and communities, industry, environmental non-government organizations, and academia. The MWG and the NBCKC are supported by a central secretariat within Environment and Climate Change Canada. 


We welcome any new members who have relationships with caribou and would like to connect and collaborate with others working to protect caribou. If you would like to join the MWG, attend our meetings and contribute to our projects, please contact Melanie Mullin at the NBCKC secretariat at 

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Current Member Organizations
Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
(Sara McCarthy)
NBCKC Secretariat 
(Melanie Mullin*)
Arsenault Wildlife Services
(Al Arsenault)
Government of the Northwest Territories
(James Hodson, Naima Jutha)
NunatuKavut Community Council (NCC)
(George Russell Jr)
Assembly of First Nations Government of Manitoba
(Dennis Brannen)
Prince Albert Model Forest 
(Mamun Abdullah, Peter Friedrichsen)
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
(Lori Neufeld)
Government of Ontario
(Art Rodgers)
Prince Albert Grand Council 
(Mamun Abdullah)
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Northern Alberta Government of Québec  Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
(Heather Fenton)
Cold Lake First Nation Government of Saskatchewan
(Katherine Mehl)
Torngat Wildlife, Plants & Fisheries Secretariat
(Meredith Purcell)
Environment and Climate Change Canada
(Micheline Manseau, Philippe Thomas, Anna Calvert*)
Gwich'in Renewable Resources Board
(Kaytlin Cooper)
Trent University 
(Jim Schaefer)
Forest Products Association of Canada Manitoba Métis Federation 
(Connor Staub)
University of British Columbia
(Cole Burton)
Fort McKay First Nation 
(Ryan Abel, Ryan Grandjambe, Lorne Gould)
Métis Nation of Alberta Region 5
(Walter Andreeff)
University of Calgary
Fort McKay Metis Nation 
(Adi Issac Adiele)
Mining Association of Canada
(Brady Balicki)
University of Northern British Columbia
(Chris Johnson)
Government of Alberta  National Council for Air and Stream Improvement
(Rachel Cook, John Cook)
Wildlife Conservation Society Canada
(Justina Ray)
Government of British Columbia
(Caeley Thacker, Agnes Pelletier)
Natural Resources Canada 
(Eric Neilson)
WSP E&I Canada Ltd.  
(Al Arsenault)
  Nature United *indicates MWG co-chairs