The NBCKC Habitat Restoration Working Group (HRWG)

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The Habitat Restoration Working Group (HRWG) of the NBCKC

Established in 2019, the Habitat Restoration Working Group (HRWG) is a working group of the National Boreal Caribou Knowledge Consortium (NBCKC), and is a forum to share, generate, and mobilize knowledge for caribou recovery related to habitat restoration. This working group includes members of the NBCKC and Indigenous Knowledge Circle (IKC) as well as additional experts, knowledge holders and practitioners in the field of habitat restoration. The HRWG is co-facilitated by Environment & Climate Change Canada (Science & Technology Branch) and Natural Resources Canada (Canadian Forest Service).

Our Goal  
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Habitat restoration is an essential conservation lever for boreal caribou in population ranges with less than 65% undisturbed habitat remaining. The goal of the HRWG is to support the undertaking of coordinated and efficient actions to reclaim boreal caribou habitat through restoration and the sharing of knowledge gained from these actions through an adaptive management approach. Members of the HRWG work together to share, generate and mobilize knowledge to achieve this goal.

What We Do  

The HRWG meets quarterly to share information, build relationships and advance group projects. Our work focuses on:


  • Building a community of practice through knowledge sharing: Sharing updates on the ongoing habitat restoration projects underway across Canada, as well as detailed updates on specific habitat restoration projects undertaken by HRWG members, including sharing project challenges, successes and lessons learned.
  • Facilitating relationship building: Connecting and supporting group members working towards caribou habitat restoration and better understanding ecological responses to restoration actions.
  • Collaboration: Working together to develop knowledge mobilization products to support caribou habitat restoration planning, implementation, and monitoring across Canada.





Tools developed by the Habitat Restoration Working Group:

To learn more about the HRWG tools or to contribute to this work please email Tatyana Flick (NBCKC Secretariat, co-facilitator) at .

Restoration field site



Image of the Boreal Caribou Ecological Model
The Boreal Caribou Ecological Model, developed by the Habitat Restoration Working Group (HRWG), illustrates the disturbance mediated pathways to caribou decline.

HRWG Members


Working Together on Habitat Restoration

Like other NBCKC groups, the HRWG brings together Federal/Provincial/Territorial governments, Indigenous governments, communities and organizations, ENGOs, industry, academics and consultants working on or interested in caribou habitat restoration across Canada. HRWG members and their respective organizations / communities are listed below (last updated Nov. 1, 2021).


We welcome new members who are involved in caribou habitat restoration work or those interested in undertaking habitat restoration work in the future.  We would especially like to expand our membership to include the wisdom and experience of Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers. If you would like to join the HRWG, please contact Tatyana Flick (NBCKC Secretariat, co-facilitator) at .


Members & Organizations      

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

fRI Research (Laura Finnegan)

Matrix Solutions (Kelli Cote)


Alberta Regional Caribou Knowledge Partnership (Kristy Burke)

Golder Associates Ltd.

Metis Nation of Alberta


Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries

Gouvernement du Quebec

Natural Resources Canada - Canadian Forest Service (Carly Sponarski, Jaime Pinzon, Katalijn MacAfee*)


Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Government of Alberta

NBCKC Secretariat (Tatyana Flick*)



Government of British Columbia

Nunatsiavut Government (Jason Dicker)


CPAWS Northern Alberta

Government of Manitoba

Prince Albert Model Forest and on behalf of Prince Albert Grand Council


Délı̨nę Got'ı̨nę

Government of Newfoundland & Labrador

Regional Industry Caribou Collaboration


Ecologic Research (Steve Wilson)

Government of Northwest Territories

Suncor Energy Inc. (Mark Boulton)


Environment & Climate Change Canada - Canadian Wildlife Service

Government of Ontario

The Firelight Group


Environment & Climate Change Canada - Science & Technology Branch (Tatyana Flick*)

Government of Saskatchewan



Fort Nelson First Nation (Katherine Wolfenden)

LGL Limited (Marc d'Entremont)

  * Indicates HRWG co-facilitators




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