About the Northern Caribou Canada:


This is a project of the Wekʼèezhìi Renewable Resources Board in collaboration with the organizations, governments, and agencies listed on the bottom of the page. The participation of the organizations involved should not be taken as agreement with all of the views and materials presented on this site.


The purpose of the project is to highlight the changes occurring in Canadian Arctic and subarctic caribou populations, and the significance of the caribou to the ecology and peoples of the region. The project uses both scientific and Indigenous knowledge inputs.

What this site covers

For the purposes of this project, we are focusing on the large migratory herds of caribou often described as barren ground caribou that range across the Arctic and subarctic regions of Canada. This site also includes information about Peary caribou. In addition, we have included information on two migratory herds called eastern migratory caribou, and one unique herd, the Dolphin and Union, that migrates between the Arctic coast and Victoria Island. These herds are the focus of this project for several reasons: the importance of caribou to northern peoples; the relative scarcity of information about them collectively; and the larger landscape and cross-jurisdictional questions to be considered with most of the herds (as opposed to woodland/boreal/mountain caribou, where the issues and management are often very local). There are sites already in existence that deal with these other caribou (e.g. this site the CCLM Knowledge Portal).