For feedback: Boreal Woodland Caribou Conservation and Recovery in Manitoba

Website photo for Caribou conservation engagement- 5 caribou running in snow

Boreal woodland caribou (boreal caribou) have come to represent the wild things and places that many people across Canada want to protect. They also serve as a barometer for boreal forest health. A healthy boreal caribou population is an indicator of a healthy boreal forest.

Manitoba is committed to made-in-Manitoba management efforts directed at ensuring boreal woodland caribou remain part of the wildlife mosaic. Through the development of management unit range plans, decisions will balance boreal caribou conservation with the demand for boreal forest resource use.

This is the first of several opportunities over the next two years to provide feedback on how we can improve conservation outcomes for boreal caribou in Manitoba. At this time, we welcome your feedback on the Manitoba/Canada Section 11 Agreement for Boreal Woodland Caribou.

More information is available at this government of Manitoba website