2021 Holiday Book List

2021 Holiday Book List

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for nature enthusiasts? Look no further! Check out this list of wetland and boreal-related books released this year as well as a few timeless classics.

New in 2021

Alberta wetland classification system field guide

A visual, plain language field guide for identifying and classifying wetlands. This field guide received the Peggy Thompson publication award for 2021. Download a free digital copy or purchase a hard copy here.

Mother Earth – Boreal beauty of the Peace country

A unique book featuring the work of 31 photographers that celebrates the wild beauty and diversity of the Peace region of Alberta. Get your copy here.

Peatlands and climate change

A detailed overview of the greenhouse gas balances of peatlands and their impact on climate change. Check out the 2008 version here, or pre-order the 2021/22 edition here.

Swamplands: Tundra Beavers, Quaking Bogs, and the Improbable World of Peat

Writer Edward Struzik urges us to find the beauty in historically less appreciated landscapes such as swamps, peatlands, fens, and bogs. Join the Wetland Knowledge Exchange’s January webinar with Edward to learn more and receive a 30% discount code to purchase his book. Get your copy here.

Wetland carbon and environmental management

A collection of wetland research studies around the world that demonstrate how environmental management can improve carbon sequestration. Get your copy here.

For younger readers

A walk in the boreal forest

This lyrical narrative aims to foster awareness and appreciation for the boreal forest and its vitally important roles in slowing climate change for grades 3-6. Get your copy here.

The Boreal Forest – A Year in the world’s largest land biome

This lyrical narrative aims to foster awareness and appreciation for the Boreal forest and its vitally important roles in slowing climate change for grades 3-6. Get you copy here.

Timeless classics

Aboriginal plant use in Canada’s Northwest Boreal Forest

This handbook describes the traditional uses of over 200 plants in Canada’s Boreal forest and is the result of ethnobotanical fieldwork in 29 communities across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Get your copy here here.

A guide to mosses and liverworts of Alberta peatlands

Designed for use in the field and laboratory, this field guide comes in handy for identifying flora of fens and bogs in Alberta and Western Boreal Canada. Download a free copy here.

Bees in your backyard: A guide to North America’s bees

The ultimate book for bee enthusiasts and experts alike. This engaging book introduces roughly 4,000 different bee species found in North America, dispels common myths and offers essential tips for field identification. Get your copy here.

Digging into Canadian Soils

An Introduction to Soil Science – A great resource for those looking to brush up on basic soils principles or gain newfound knowledge. Get your copy here.

Kaufman field guide to insects of North America

The perfect guide for anyone looking to learn more about the fascinating and diverse insects of North America. Readings will learn about the amazing, observable behaviors of insects and their life histories in an easy to understand guide. Get your copy here.

Stokes field guide to the birds of North America

An essential pocket guide for bird identification. This guide features over 850 North American bird species and more than 3000 stunning photographs. Get your copy here.

The Boreal Herbal: Wild food and medicine plants of the North

A guide for identifying and utilizing Northern plants for food and medicine. This guide will help you recognize and use over 50 common wild plants whether it be in your backyard or on the hiking trails. Get your copy here.

This resource list is meant to be a fun summary of some great publications. This list is not all-encompassing nor is it endorsed by the CCLM. For more information please contact g_boston@ducks.ca.