Digging Into Canadian Soils - An Introduction to Soil Science

Melissa Arcand
Nathan Basiliko
Asim Biswas
Sandra Brown
Tom Bruulsema
Chuck Bulmer
David Burton
Jean Caron
Kate Congreves
Amanda Diochon
Kari Dunfield
Miles Dyck
Rich Farrell
Adam Gillespie
Caroline Halde
Richard Heck
Brandon Heung
Allen Jobson
Kevin Keys
Maja Krzic
Darshani Kumaragamage
Leslie Lavkulich
Yvonne Lawley
Derek Lynch
Tim Moore
Anne Naeth
Maxime Paré
Dan Pennock
Sylvie Quideau
Michael Rutherford
Daniel Saurette
Jeff Schoenau
Bing Si
Myrna Simpson
Graeme Spiers
Mario Tenuta
Laura Van Eerd
Fran Walley
Jim Warren
Joann Whalen
Noura Ziadi
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Written entirely by members of the Canadian Society of Soil Science, "Digging into Canadian Soils: An Introduction to Soil Science" provides an introduction to the core disciplines of soil science, and introduces the concepts and vocabulary needed by students just beginning their soil science journey. The textbook provides supplementary materials that are specific to regions in Canada, or may be of specific interest beyond what might be considered introductory soil science material. Importantly, the textbook also is intended to introduce students to the Canadian System of Soil Classification by providing examples from across the length and breadth of the world’s second largest country, and to the Canadian Society of Soil Science, whose members share a common passion for soil science and are keen to share and instill this passion with students across Canada.