The Boreal Caribou Ecological Model - Technical Report

Paula Bentham
Melanie Dickie
Steve Wilson
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The Boreal Caribou Ecological Model is a conceptual model which illustrates the key ecosystem factors, mechanisms, pathways and interactions mediating the well known national disturbance-recruitment relationship (Johnson et al. 2020). Such models are often a key step in adaptive management and allow diverse partnerships to develop a shared understanding of an ecological system. This model was developed by the Habitat Restoration Working Group (HRWG) of the National Boreal Caribou Knowledge Consortium (NBCKC) as a communication tool to provide a framework to improve our understanding of the goals of habitat restoration actions, the efficacy of different actions, factors confounding restoration success and the interactions between multiple management actions in this complex system.

This Technical Report provides the details on model development and supporting literature. This report was developed as part of a package of tools developed by the HRWG (see below) to support federal, provincial and territorial governments, Indigenous rights holders, communities and organizations, academics, industry and environmental non-governmental organizations to facilitate knowledge sharing from past work, to generate new knowledge by purposely developing hypotheses and testing predictions regarding biological responses to management actions, and to communicate restoration priorities, in order to support boreal caribou conservation and recovery.

The Boreal Caribou Ecological Model

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