Caribou and You

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Sara McCarthy
Jessica Dahn
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Take a journey to discover fun and interesting facts about caribou. Along the way you'll discover that caribou and you are more connected than you may think.

This soft cover book has a target audience is Primary School aged children, but can be enjoyed by all!

Sara McCarthy is a biologist that specializes in caribou ecology. Jessica Dahn is an outdoor enthusiast that works to promote healthy and active living. The duo met in 2014 and have been dabbling in a variety of projects and adventures ever since. Living in Happy Valley-Goose Bay Labrador, one of their important passions is the pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle. Fueled by their desire to bring tough topics to the forefront of conversation without scaring all their friends away, they decided to write and illustrate a children's book. In their first publication, Sara and Jess created 'Caribou and You', a book about respecting the environment.