CCLM Webinar - Intensive Forest Management Across Canada: Panel Discussion

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Sustainable management of the forests in Canada continues to evolve particularly in the west where the move toward enhanced management is accelerating. Enhanced forest management includes intensive silviculture operations such as pre-commercial and commercial thinning (PCT, CT) and other modifications to what has traditionally been done in the boreal forests. Intensive silviculture is needed to secure the future fibre supply and also provide the data required to address other concerns such as impacts on biodiversity and carbon (climate change). As enhanced forest management practice takes hold it will impact other sectors operating in the working forest such as Oil and Gas and Energy Distribution as forest land management becomes more complex.

This webinar provided a brief overview of Intensive Forest Management. It also included a panel discussion with experts who shared their knowledge on the practice.


  • Brad Pinno, Associate Professor, Department of Renewable Resources, University of Alberta
  • Trevor Jones, Research Co-Lead, Petawawa Research Forest, Natural Resources Canada
  • Wayne Bell, Lead Forest Ecology Research Scientist, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Panel Moderator: Amanda Schoonmaker, NSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Boreal Reclamation and Reforestation, NAIT Centre for Boreal Research