CCLM Webinar - Monitoring Environmental Impacts Through Remote Sensing: Innovations and Advancements

Nicholas Coops
Rik Nuijten
Kristy Burke
Rebecca Edwards
Joanne White
Darren Pouliot
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This video is a recording of the second webinar hosted by the Canadian Conservation and Land Management (CCLM) Knowledge Network on February 17th, 2022. During this presentation, Canada Research Chair in remote sensing Dr. Nicholas Coops, and PhD candidate Rik Nuijten share information on:

  • How imagery acquired from drones can be processed to provide analysis-ready data;
  • Recent advancements in camera and processing techniques that enable (near) plant-level monitoring;
  • The availability of new satellite-based remote sensing datasets, like Cubesat;
  • The power of data fusion to exploit key benefits of different datasets and sensors.

Following the main presentation, a panel discussion with the following additional leading experts in remote sensing is included in this recording:

  • Rebecca Edwards, Remote Sensing Analyst, Ducks Unlimited Canada's National Boreal Program
  • Joanne White (PhD), Research Scientist, Canadian Forest Service, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia
  • Darren Poiliot (PhD), Research Scientist, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Landscape Science and Technology Division, National Wildlife Centre