A Guide to Classification Using Aerial Photography (English)

Franco Alo
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This guide begins by outlining the value of using aerial photography in caribou monitoring programs in terms of documentation, education, and knowledge sharing. The guide then features numerous photos with annotations that showcase the data which can be obtained through analysis of aerial photographs of caribou. For example, this guide shows how aerial photographs can be used to confirm total group counts, classify caribou by age and sex, and identify antlered individuals. The guide concludes with identifying challenges associated with aerial photography, and shares "insider tips" for equipment, camera settings, and computer software. 

This guide was a collaborative effort between Franco Alo and the National Boreal Caribou Knowledge Consortium. 

This resource is part of a broader boreal caribou monitoring toolkit. Be sure to view the rest of the Boreal Caribou Monitoring Toolkit.

Veuillez noter que ce guide est aussi disponible en francais