Interim Compilation of 1977 Suspended Sediment Data for the AOSERP Study Area

L.A. Warner
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This report contains all the available suspended sediment discharge information for 1977 that was collected by Water Survey of Canada within the Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Research Program (AOSERP) study boundaries. Information on suspended sediment concentration at fourteen stream gauging station locations are contained within the Appendix. Suspended sediment discharge information is given along with any available particle size data. The data have been collected and analyzed according to prescribed Water Survey of Canada standards. No details on procedures are contained herein but this information may be obtained by referring to the Annual Sediment Data for Canadian Rivers publications. The availability of sediment data in the study area prior to 1977 is indicated in the "Interim Compilation of 1976 Suspended Sediment Data in the AOSERP Study Area" (Warner 1978).