Reclamation Research and the Regulatory Process

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Chris Powter
Glen Singleton
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The mandate of the Reclamation Research Technical Advisory Committee (RRTAC)
is to provide information and data to government and industry to make the
reclamation process more efficient and effective, and to coordinate the
provincial government's reclamation research activities. RRTAC does not develop
or implement reclamation legislation or standards. Rather, the research
information generated can be used by government and industry to develop sound
reclamation plans and practices, and to evaluate reclamation success. Five
points are outlined where research interfaces with the regulatory process.
Research may be conducted by government or industry alone, but RRTAC favors
cooperative research programs and projects. Benefits of cooperation include
reduced costs, shared expertise, ease of site access and a commitment by both
parties to implementation of the results.
RRTAC acts as a clearinghouse of information on reclamation activities in
Alberta. Although the committee's official mandate is limited to coordination of
government research, the benefits of a central body with access to information
from all sectors is obvious. RRTAC will be increasing its efforts to work with
other government agencies, industry and educational institutions to fulfill its
research coordination mandate.